Residential Drafting

Drafting of residential building plans (construction documents) utilizing Autocad software. Revisions are made per client’s request after initial review. Revisions are made and upon the client’s approval the construction documents (blueprints) are started, finished. Digital PDF blueprint files will be delivered via email along with 1 set of hard copies will be hand delivered. Additional hard copies will be available at an additional cost.  Plans sets consist of a Site Plan, Floor Plan, Dimensioned Floor Plan, Foundation Plan, Foundation Details, Exterior Elevations, Typical Wall Section, Building Sections, Electrical Plan and Schedules & Details. You can view our drafting samples for quality and attention to detail.


We can reproduce your hand drawn home plans into 2d or 3d drawings and/or layout model homes in cad, provide mirrored floor plans, and revise each as required.

Paper to CAD Conversion

Autocad 2d CAD files can be created from your paper drawings, sketches and PDF files. For pricing submit a sample by email.

Notes About Permitting:

Typically permitting for most municipalities you will need:

  • A truss layout that is provided by a prefab. truss manufacturer and obtained by your Building Contractor.
  • Energy Code Calculations provided by a HVAC contractor chosen by your Building Contractor.
  • Structural Analysis with stamp and seal obtained by your Building Contractor.
  • A current certified survey of your property will also be needed to complete the Site Plan.
  • Other permitting documentation may be submitted by your Building Contractor.

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